Guest Speaker: Deborah Ogden

Deborah Ogden

Deborah Ogden

In mid-March, Deborah Ogden, interior designer, spoke to our class about her experience in the field. Her talk centered on the ethical and legal boundaries of the trade as well as the exams and groups that ensure that those boundaries are adhered to. Ms. Ogden’s presentation was humorous and invigorating,  personal anecdotes woven into her examples of possible situations and scenarios, but her humor that had us laughing aloud didn’t negate the importance of the message she delivered.

Interior designers can seek certification through the CCIDC (Califonia Counsel For Interior Design), where they can find information about requirements and opportunities to take the IDEX exam and pursue continuing education. The goals of these exams are to increase professionalism and achieve compliance with regulations. A certified designer is a competent design professional who is qualified to submit, prepare, and design any type of mono-seismic  mono-structural interior construction plans. Certification allows a designer to stay abreast of building codes, space planning, safety, and flammability of materials, and provide a reference point for clients.




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