Framing A View



Framing a view is a strategy that uses a window or opening to incorporate an exterior or adjunct space as visual asset to the area we view it from. It brings the outdoors in and allows us to appreciate our exterior surroundings from an interior space; it can draw us into the adjoining space; it provides us a window to something that is not immediately present in our vicinity.  Framing view can be used in multiple applications, in every area of architecture.


This use of a gateway at Levens Hall Gardens in Cumbria, England  pulls us into the separate garden areas, framing the view of the next garden.


Espalier in Levens Hill Gardens serves as a framework for the pathway leading to the fountain in the background.

tropical-home-garden-view2An open wall in a tropical environment uses modern simplicity  and the edges of the structure to frame the  green patio space outdoors inviting us to move into and out of the building both physically and visually.


 Architectural design can contribute interest to the frame itself, as seen above  where the transformation of the view adds a complexity that is unexpected.


 Shades in this seating area provide  relief from the sun, but also direct our view to one that is enjoyed from a seated position on the low, reclining chairs. Once seated, we become immersed in the interior/exterior relationship.






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